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Temporary Tattoos

Henna Tattoos –  Henna is a temporary form of tattooing from south Asia and its ink is actually a paste made from the powdered leaves of the Henna plant. Even though colors are limited to only a couple shades of red, brown, and not quite black, Henna designs can be breath taking. This type of […]

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Picking a Design

Picking a good meaningful design is important to some, and others just get what ever they like on the wall of the tattoo parlor. If you’re here you’re probably looking to get a meaningful, well detailed design done.

There are a lot of choices in terms of design like, Celtic Knot, tribal, animals, angels and other […]

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Bio-Mechanical Tattoos

Bio-Mech tattoos are a style of tattooing created and made popular by H.R. Giger for the Alien movies, but has become very popular among true tattoo enthusiasts. But what are Bio-Mech tattoos? To put it simply they are tattoos that are designed to give off the illusion that they are apart of the body, the tattoo makes […]

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Eye Tattoos

Eye tattoos have only been around for a few years but many people have become interested in them, I can see the appeal of having it done but for now I’ll stay away from this tattoo.

Mostly because there just isn’t enough information about the side effects or potential dangers of having it done, for me […]

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Stupid Tattoos

Even though I like to think every tattoo ever inked into a human body has some kind of significant meaning to it, this may not be the case with some of these tattoos you’ll find in these videos!

Even though I do feel bad for these people it just goes to show that tattoos are something […]

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Yakuza Style Tattoos

The Japanese mafia also known as the Yakuza hold within their skin some of the most detailed, vibrantly colored tattoos known to this world! But because of the Yakuza tattooing tradition, prejudice towards people with tattoos has developed in Japan, Yakuza or not. Even though this prejudice is slowly subsiding due to western influence such […]

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Feminine Tattoos

Usually when a woman wants a tattoo she wants one that gives off at least a shred of femininity.  This of course is understandable, but it can be hard to find a tattoo that fits your wants and needs but research can help.
We’ll try and help with that by listing pros and cons of popular tattoo […]

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Japanese Kanji Tattoos

The Japanese language has three alphabets used in the Japanese language known as, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Kanji are the main part of the Japanese writing system, and it’s derived from the Chinese writing system called “Hanzi” so Chinese and Japanese may have some characters that look similar but do not necessarily mean the same […]

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How Tattoos Work

You probably know that tattoos work by injecting ink into the skin, but do you really know the process behind it? Modern tattooing uses a tattoo machine also known as a tattoo gun to inject a colored ink into the second layer of skin called the dermis, it does this by rapidly moving a sterilized […]

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Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoos – Over the years they have become quite popular, so much so some women who probably want a lower back tattoo shy away from them because they think lower back tattoos lack originality.
While this may be true for some cases, it doesn’t mean they are all generic and lack originality, it’s just […]

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