Your first question is probably “Is tattoo removal even possible?”

Well the answer to that question is yes to some extent.

There are many ways to remove a tattoo some work better than others and some also cost a lot more than others.

1. First on the list of tattoo removal is Lasers, this does work and it does cost a pretty penny around $800.

2. IPL (Intense pulsed light) works a little better than laser removal and is said to be less painful, but it actually costs more than laser removal at about $10 per pulse of light used. The price depends on the size of the tattoo and how many pulses are required to remove the tattoo.

3. Cover up tattoos, with smaller and medium sized tattoos covering it up with another tattoo is a viable option if you just want a particular tattoo removed and don’t mind other tattoos.

4. Tattoo removal creams, they don’t cost a lot and do fade the tattoos a little, you might want to give this a try if you plan on getting a cover up tattoo.

5. Salabrasion, this is a nasty way to remove a tattoo it should be your last resort. This method uses granular salt and a cloth, pretty much you add the salt to the cloth and you rub down your skin until your tattoo is gone. Usually requires more than one session to completely remove a tattoo (may not even reach far enough into the skin to remove the tattoo completely). I don’t recommend this method as it has a risk of infection and is very painful. ‘

6. Trichloroacetic Acid peels the skin and in time can help fade or remove a tattoo. This is usually used for wrinkle and scar removal.

7. You can also undergo plastic surgery to remove a tattoo.

These are some of the methods used today to remove tattoos, as you can see they can be expensive, time consuming, and just a hassle. So make sure when you get your next tattoo it’s going to be a life long thing you won’t be regretting in a couple years or you’ll end up wasting tons of money and time trying to get rid of it!