Even though I like to think every tattoo ever inked into a human body has some kind of significant meaning to it, this may not be the case with some of these tattoos you’ll find in these videos!

Even though I do feel bad for these people it just goes to show that tattoos are something to think about and research before you go out and get them, don’t make the same mistake these people did and get a random thrash design or something ridiculous even if you’re drunk! Also make sure to pick out an artist who knows what he or she is doing and is professional in every way.

I’d also like to add, even though these tattoos may seem stupid or ugly to us they may not be to the people who got them, I’m sure some one reading this has at least one tattoo that may be deemed as stupid as well! But at the end of the day all that matters is that the person who holds the tattoo within their skin likes it.

Though I’m sure some people here regretted their tattoos the moment the buzz wore off, but hey we all make stupid mistakes in life some bigger than others and some uglier than others as well.

Enjoy the videos!

In this video their sure are some weird tattoos, but some of them I actually liked but you’ll be the judge.

Credit For Video mwfhunter

Second Video

Credit For Video Cambie12

And the last for now!

Credit For Video chasecregline

There are many videos on YouTube with a bunch of stupid tattoo designs head over and enjoy the mistakes of others a little more!


Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own the videos within this post and have added credit links to the posters on youtube under each video.