Picking a good meaningful design is important to some, and others just get what ever they like on the wall of the tattoo parlor. If you’re here you’re probably looking to get a meaningful, well detailed design done.
There are a lot of choices in terms of design like, Celtic Knot, tribal, animals, angels and other religious designs, flowers, butterflies, quotes, bio-mechanical, and so much more, with this large selection of tattoos, your tattoo can and should be one of kind, why choose a tattoo that’s probably tattooed on five different people on a weekly basis? I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a butterfly tattoo just because some one else has it, what I’m saying is do something different with it, how many people walk around with just a butterfly tattooed somewhere random on the body? Butterflies themselves have designs in their own wings, and I’ve seen a butterfly tattoo take advantage of this with Yin and Yang symbols on the butterflies wings, this is great and what I’m talking about, subtle changes can make the tattoo completely yours, but don’t go to crazy because being a little too creative can also be a bad thing!

Now that we established that the design should be unique and mean something to you, what will you choose? This is completely preference, but I’ll help by giving you some things you should consider before deciding.

First of all, where do you want the tattoo placed? Is it in an easily hidden area? If not I don’t recommend getting something others may find offensive as it can cause problems in the future. Also keep in mind that tattoos may hurt your chances in being hired by a potential employer if you ever find yourself in need of work, so being able to hide the tattoo can be a pro, though this isn’t that much of a problem now as tattoos are becoming more and more accepted in the work place, just don’t get a tattoo on the face and neck and you should be almost golden in most work environments.

What’s your budget? Your choice in design may be influenced by how much you’re willing to pay to have the tattoo done, of course larger and more detailed designs take longer and sometimes multiple sessions causing them to cost more, so if you’re just looking for a cheaper tattoo a smaller black design can be good for you, if you don’t mind spending a little extra, a larger detailed design might be well suited for you. But the two things you should never cut to save cash is, safety, and quality.

How important is this tattoo to you? Are you getting this tattoo as a memorial for lost family member or friend? If so you should take extra care to pick a design that isn’t offensive to the other family members or friends of the deceased. I find in memorial tattoos a simple tattoo is usually better than something over extravagant, like tattooing the face of the deceased onto your body because portraits really never carry the true liveliness of the person.

I suggest you use something they really loved, it could be their favorite animal, maybe they liked Zebras, a good simple tattoo of a small Zebra can be all you need to really keep that person close to you, you can add little things to it like, date of birth, date of death, and their name.

It doesn’t have to their favorite animal either, maybe they played an instrument like the guitar or flute, you could get the instrument with the first few notes of their favorite song coming from the instrument tattooed onto your body, this could make a memorial tattoo.

But like I said it’s all preference, so after reading this I hope you have some idea what to consider before choosing a design. Thanks for reading.

Oh and if you’re an ethical vegan I suggest you find an animal safe tattoo parlor as most inks are made by charring animal bones for carbon.