Lower back tattoos – Over the years they have become quite popular, so much so some women who probably want a lower back tattoo shy away from them because they think lower back tattoos lack originality.

While this may be true for some cases, it doesn’t mean they are all generic and lack originality, it’s just that most women get them to look sexy or rebellious and this is makes them common. But there are women who really want something meaningful and unique while still looking sexy, and these are the lower back tattoos that really stand out from the rest.

If you want to be unique I’d suggest staying away from tribal, and Celtic designs as these are the most common lower back tattoos women get. I’ll suggest looking around the web for example designs that you like then add a little of your own imagination to it!

Lower Back Tattoos

A Dragon With Some Asian Style Lettering

A Bad Reputation?

Another thing that may make women shy away from lower back tattoos is they also have a somewhat bad reputation, sometimes labeled a “Tramp Stamp” the lower back tattoo is regarded by some people as a tattoo that only promiscuous women get. Personally I think this isn’t all that true, yes some women who have lower back tattoos are promiscuous, but that doesn’t mean all women who have a lower back tattoo are promiscuous, just like not all bodybuilders with great bodies take steroids.

Hiding and Showing Off Lower Back Tattoos

A major selling point for the lower back tattoo, is that hiding the tattoo is very easy all you have to do is wear a shirt that covers your lower back, but they are also just as easy to show off just wear some low-rise jeans and a nice shirt that shows off your lower back.


Though I can’t suggest a design because it’s generally personal preference I’ll say that the lower back is the widest part of the back and this makes it the perfect area for an artist to work, you can have a smaller centered tattoo or a nice big tattoo that spans across the entire lower back, the choice is yours and I’m sure you’ll have fun choosing your design. If you need help finding some designs you can go to Tattoo Me Now or Chopper Tattoo they are both paid sites but are cheap and provide thousands of designs that you can pick and change to your liking.

Lower Back Tattoos

Tribal A Common Lower Back Tattoo http://www.flickr.com/photos/tattoos-nu/




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