Usually when a woman wants a tattoo she wants one that gives off at least a shred of femininity.  This of course is understandable, but it can be hard to find a tattoo that fits your wants and needs but research can help.

We’ll try and help with that by listing pros and cons of popular tattoo placements.

Feminine Tattoo Placement

There are several things you should think about before choosing an area to be tattooed. These can include.

Pain – How much would a tattoo on a certain area of my body hurt and could I handle the pain long enough to get it finished? You should take pain into consideration, most people don’t find tattoos to be unbearably painful but someone with a lower pain threshold might. Areas where the bone is closer to the skin hurt a little more than other tattoos (More flesh around the bone equals less painful tattoos.)

Design Size – The placement of your tattoo can be influenced  by the size of the design, a larger and more detailed design probably won’t fit on your foot.

Work – Even though it’s not much of a problem anymore, tattoos may harm your chances of being hired by a potential employer. If you’re worried about this choose an area that’s easy to hide and make sure the design is not offensive.
Now let’s move onto to the most feminine areas to have a tattoo on.

The Lower Back

Lower back tattoos have been very popular with women for a long time now.

The main pro of the lower back is that it’s one of the most feminine and sexy areas to have a tattoo on. Another pro is that they are very easy to hide and show off, when at work you can hide the tattoo by wearing something that covers your lower back area, and when out with friends or doing everyday things you can show it off just as easily by wearing clothing that shows off the lower back. One more thing about the lower back is it’s the widest area on the back, meaning you can fit larger more detailed designs with a wider wing span.

These are just some of the pros of a lower back tattoo I’m sure you’ll be able to think of your own.

But the lower back also has some cons. One of them being that the lower back tattoo has a bad reputation of being a tattoo only women who are overly sexually active get, of course this is just a stereotype and not true. It’s also a little more painful area than other places.

Pros For Lower Back Tattoos

  • One of the most feminine and sexy tattoos
  • Easy to hide
  • Easy to show off
  • Widest area of the back, can house a larger tattoo

Cons For Lower Back Tattoos

  • A bad reputation sometimes labeled “tramp stamp”
  • Slightly more painful than other areas

Side Tattoos

Also very close to the top of the list in terms of popularity the side of the body can be a great choice for those who are looking to get some sort of tattoo that may extend more vertically than it does horizontally, some examples of such a tattoo may be a some sort of tree branch, flower, pocket watch with a chain, or a dragon in vertical form you’ll find at least one example picture on this page too.

The tattoo will also follow the natural curves of your body and you may hide it quite easily, but showing it off can be a tab bit harder than it is to hide.

This placement area is also a little more painful than usual since it is close to the rib bones, and the artist might have a harder time with the side since the side of the body can vary from person to person greatly.

Pros For Side Tattoos

  • Great for vertical type tattoos
  • Very feminine usually has colored ink that really looks nice
  • Easy to hide

Cons For Side Tattoos

  • Tad bit more painful than other areas
  • Somewhat more difficult to show off than it is to hide
  • Artist may have a little trouble, by trouble I mean he or she may need to take a little more time prepping and placing the tattoo to make sure it’s as close to perfect as it can get for you

Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos are usually located on the back of the neck, this can be a good spot to choose if you’re new to tattooing for a few reasons, since it will be a smaller design it will take less time, money, and pain to get done, this will help you decide if you want a larger tattoo done somewhere else, it’s also very easy to show off!

Pros For Neck Tattoos

  • Good starter tattoo
  • Less time and money to get done
  • Easy to show off

Cons For Neck Tattoos

  • Hard to hide if your hair isn’t very long or thick

Foot/Ankle Tattoos

The foot or ankle is a viable choice when you want a smaller design that can be easily hidden or lacking funds to get a larger tattoo done.

Pros For Foot/Ankle Tattoos

  • Small easy to hide
  • Cons For Foot/Ankle Tattoos
  • Can be hard to show off depending on the situation

Below The Belly Button Tattoos

Located at about the same place as the lower back tattoos but on the front of the body instead of the back, another key difference between the two is the one on the belly are usually smaller and located on either the right or left and rarely centered, a popular design is a butterfly.

Pros For Below The Belly Button Tattoos

  • Easy to show off
  • Sexy
  • Small
  • Easy to hide

Cons For Below The Belly Button Tattoos

  • Common


I won’t go to far into design choice since it’s almost completely personal taste, but some popular designs among women are, butterflies, flowers, trees, stars, animals, and tribal designs. Most women choose a design depending on what they want the tattoo to convey.

Thanks for reading, I hope you get a tattoo that suits you perfectly! Remember to choose and clean and professional tattoo parlor for your tattoo!