Warning: Eye tattoos have NOT BEEN STUDIED and are NOT PROVEN TO BE SAFE. We STRONGLY urge that you DO NOT GET an eye tattoo.

The long term effects of eye tattoos are not known, and the procedure itself is not proven to be safe.

Eye tattoos have only been around for a few years but many people have become interested in them, I can see the appeal of having it done but for now I’ll stay away from this tattoo.

Mostly because there just isn’t enough information about the side effects or potential dangers of having it done, for me it’s just not worth risking going blind for. I know some of the risks such as ink covering the actual iris of the eye causing blurriness or complete blindness in the effected eye I’m not quite sure if you can remove the ink if this should happen or not. You also run the risk of damaging something within the eye like the retina and this can cause blurriness, increase of “floaters”, and blindness and you will have to have it surgically reattached.

Infection is also a possibility as with any other tattoo but an eye infection seems extra painful, and nasty! Something else to consider is finding a tattoo artist who is even willing to even attempt this, no easy feat I’m sure, since it’s a dangerous thing to do artists just may ask you to go somewhere else fearing a law suit or moral issues if something where to go wrong.

The procedure for eye tattoos is for the artist to fill a syringe filled with special ink and just ink in a couple of spots with the ink and let the ink naturally fill the white around the iris, hopefully avoiding the iris all together, they have to hit under a certain layer of the eye or the ink will just dissipate, this is the challenging part, considering one false move from either the artist or the person getting the tattoo done may render the person receiving the tattoo blind in the eye effected. Other than that the procedure should be pretty much painless since there aren’t many if any nerves in the white of the eye.

Believe it or not eye tattoos actually have a medical use, people who have suffered eye trauma may get the tattoo for cosmetic purposes, and others may get them to reduce glare or improve eye sight, a doctor may perform the procedure himself for people suffering from legitimate medical complications like above, but usually won’t ever recommend it, or perform the procedure on a healthy patient due to the risks involved.

Read more about the medicinal use of eye tattoos here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corneal_tattooing

So my personal position on eye tattoos is that they’re a no go, I don’t recommend anyone get one unless they really in need of one for quality of life, if you decide to get one done good luck finding an artist to do the tattoo for you, make sure you pick a good one!

If you’re curious and want to see an eye tattoo done I linked a video below.

Uploader Of Video – Necrocom4 – See the full video on the National Geographic channel or buy it online!

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