Bio-Mech tattoos are a style of tattooing created and made popular by H.R. Giger for the Alien movies, but has become very popular among true tattoo enthusiasts. But what are Bio-Mech tattoos? To put it simply they are tattoos that are designed to give off the illusion that they are apart of the body, the tattoo makes it look like a robotic, cyborg type humanoid is just using the human skin as camouflage, or making some one look like they have a robotic arm or a leg underneath their skin. But it’s not limited to machine type stuff, you can also make it look like you’re an alien or super hero as well.

To be completely honest most of them look pretty gruesome, the skin looks like it’s being ripped or torn apart to reveal whats underneath, and some of the better artists can make this look VERY realistic, and the realistic feel to this type of tattoo is what make’s it something special. So if you want an awesome tattoo you may look into one of these, I’d get one but most of my body is already covered and it’s sad to say the human body is a limited canvas so choose wisely!

And like I said before, even though the name is Bio-Mech because it usually mixes biological with mechanical materials, it doesn’t have to be, you can also do biological on biological, it can be either some sort of alien like a lizard, or just the true human anatomy under the skin like the muscles, tendons, and bones. I’m sure you can think of something unique!

You can get Bio-Mech tattoos anywhere there is bone or muscle, but popular areas are the arms, legs, and the side of the torso. You can get it in all black or add some colors into the mix, it’s all depends on your tastes and specifications!

Finding an artist that’s familiar with human anatomy and Bio-Mech tattoos should be your top priority! This type of tattoo is very finely detailed, the size of the bone or mechanical parts needs to be in sync with your body, if the artist can’t do this properly the tattoo may look unrealistic, and that’s not good! Considering the main point of this tattoo is the realistic feel, expect to pay more for this type of tattoo, and don’t expect to be done in one session, it will take more than one in most cases, don’t rush the artist if you’re going to get a Bio-Mech tattoo be prepared to spend a few hours in the chair at least!

So what ever design you choose, robotic, alien, super human, or what ever comes to your mind, with the right artist, and thought process these tattoos cannot be a disappointment!

Have fun and make sure to get your tattoos done safely! Thanks for reading.